Sunday, 3 April 2011

Kuching dan memori silam

Kuching A to Z (Part 3)

Here's the list of "D" and "E" items people associate with Kuching. From your contributions, it seemed like there were quite a number of "D"s and very few "E"s ...

Diana Ho, an elegant and eloquent GP teacher at St Joseph's in the 70's, who obviously had a lifelong impact on some of our form mates. We're not sure where she is now. Ms Ho, if you happen to be reading this, you'll be happy to know that you're well loved and remembered.
Durian & Duku (Langsat), very popular fruits then and now. 'Nuff said.
Datuk - the honourific title bestowed on those who have made significant contributions to the state. As far as I know, two of our form mates have gotten theirs - warm congrats to Datuk Justine Jinggut, a senior political leader of SNAP and Datuk Firdaus Bujang / Anthony Macpherson, CEO of New Straits Times !
Dewan Undangan Negeri (D.U.N.) - that huge building that's being built overlooking the Sarawak River, and will serve as the state assembly when completed. Personally I think its location destroys the calm serenity of the river scene. Any architects in our group would like to comment on the design?
MV Doulos - a ship (I believe one of a number of ships, another called MV Logos) run by a charitable group which sails around and stops at different ports in our region, selling books and doing social work. The Logos & Doulos (and maybe some other vessel which I might have forgotten) visited Kuching a few times during our secondary school days. I'm not too sure about the details of their social work, but I do remember they carried a lot of interesting books that we couldn't find in Kuching (at that time anyway).


Electra House was Kuching's very first "shopping mall" - long before Kuching Plaza, Sarawak Plaza, Boulevard and Spring were even conceived. It was built on (naturally) Jalan Power in the late 60s (I think) and housed the SESCO main office. A bit run-down these days, but still sees a lot of human traffic because of its very central location. Back when we were in school, we probably spent quite a bit of time there. I was very familiar with an Indian bookshop on the top floor.
(photo contributed by Leonard Sia)
Escalators - I remember the time when the first escalators in Kuching were installed in Kuching Plaza. Many families went there just to have a look at it, and hesitatingly try it out. Up, down, up, down ... went many, and not just the children. Invariably, there were the few little mishaps, like some kid falling off or someone getting their pants caught in the moving parts of the escalator. Fortunately no one was seriously injured.

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