Monday, 4 April 2011

ANWAR SEX VIDEO: PKR in total disarray in Sarawak now

The revelation that their supreme leader, Brother Anwar bin Ibrahim in a shocking sex scandal has left the PKR machinery in Sarawak halting.

On the surface they are trying hard to portray a unified face but scraping even the thinnest veneer of unity and most of them will tell you that the video has planted serious doubt about Anwar in their minds.

A PKR man in Kuching when met last night  was at a loss for words although he tried his level best to deny the authenticity of the video and questioned whether it was Anwar on tape.

His shaky stance and double cigarette ration showed just how badly the video had affected his belief in the party and its leadership.

"While I feel pity for Wan Azizah, I now wonder how much of this is in her knowledge and whether she will tell the world what she knows,"

We said that this was an odd statement to make about Wan Azizah if he did not believe Anwar was in the video.

"Before we saw the video, we were 90 per cent convinced that he was not in the video and the whole thing is just a BN ploy but after seeing it ourselves, we are only 50 per cent convinced that he was not in the video," he conceded.

"Now people will come to Anwar's ceramah to refresh their memory what he looks like and will probably try to imagine what he looks like underneath his shirt and the message that he carries will have less impact.

Anwaristas were relatively quiet in twitter adn facebook and even the blogs.

Even his most staunch supporters are now taking a sit back and watch stance as they evaluate the video and their options going forward.

The fact that Anwaristas got the video  removed from youtube twice yesterday showed that they are afraid that more minds will be cracked open to the truth.

As chill ran down the spines of Opposition politicians and they lose sleep over the video revelation, those who have seen the video will no longer be able to see Anwar in the same light, a tough seed of doubt has taken root in their minds. Some will grow into a full rejection while others will remain within PKR but as skeptics of Anwar's leadership.

"I will continue to be with PKR but at the very least, I will now want Anwar and everyone who knows what his real identity to leave. We are fighting for a strong Opposition and we cannot be led by someone we doubt and no longer trust 100 per cent.

"Ini perjuangan, macamana saya nak ke depan dan mempertahankan parti bila dalam kepala otak saya tak yakin yang pemimpin saya benar, liek Karpal says, Anwar must go, he must leave so that the Opposition will not be tainted by his scandals" says our PKR friend.

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