Sunday, 27 March 2011

VIDEO: The real face of Foreign Direct Intervention - the new FDI

Even in theri darkest hours, the Libyan people remain proud and tells foreigners to stay out of their country, Sarawak may have some problems but it is nowhere near the scale faced by the Libyan people so why should Sarawakians let foreigners dictate their life, we are smart enough to choose our own leaders without the lies and propaganda of foreign intersts who have many hidden agenda

This posting is inspired by the piece written by Shamsul Akmar in the New Straits TImes

Below is a record of foreign good intentions, usually these foreign 'good intentions' are led by the US and followed obediently by their lapdog the British.

The British follow the footsteps of the US because they are still feeling regret over the loss of their so-called empire, when Britain colonised half the world and raped its economy and society.

Below is a selection of videos showing the real face of foreign intervention. Remember that foreigners do not really care about us, they only care about giving their own country advantage.

Lets start with Iraq, they deposed Saddam Hussein because they claim that the country has weapons of mass destruction, now nearly a decade on not a single weapon of mass destruction has been found and the Iraqi people are now suffering more than they ever did under Saddam Hussein

In case anyone has forgotten, Saddam Hussein was an American ally and proxy, installed to topple the Islamic Government of Iran...once he is no longer of any use, they kill him off and now Iraqi oil flows freely to all and any American companies that want it.

Haiti suffered a huge earthquake but unlike Japan Haiti is a very poor country and needed help to get back on tis feet, the US sent its military and in typical US fashion, the US army immediately disrupts the flow of aid because they want to control everything - even a poor destitute nation like Haiti is not below the
ambitions of American new world order ambitions

Again we can see the same pattern, the US will send in troops under the pretext of helping the local population but in the end they will install a Government that is friendly to US interests and will open doors to Us companies that want to plunder the country's resources and potential

Vietnam is the most vivid example of foreign assistance and intervention. In their effort to depose a local communist government, the US committed atrocities that are at least equal to the heinous work of the communist.

To this day Vietnam is still backwards and its population continues to suffer from all manners of ailments and disease that resulted in mass chemical warfare that never discriminated between the communist and local population.

In the end when things looked bleak, the US simply evacuated out of Vietnam, washing their hands and leaving the people of Vietnam to sort themselves out, which they have been doing at their own pace.

Vietnam's economy is still small but the locals are doing everything they can to bring the country into the modern era, WITHOUT Foreign Direct Interference

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